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4 Cases for Outward Opening Automatic Gates

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As a proud homeowner, you want to install an automatic gate but your driveway slopes upwards from the road, meaning a traditional inwards swinging gate will not work. So what are your options? Can you have an automatic gate that opens outwards from your property, towards the road? Well, yes and no. Usually gates open inwards for good reason, like a welcoming party beckoning you forward as you enter, and have been doing so for thousands of years. However, there are scenarios when installing an automatic gate that opens outwards is your only choice if you want to enjoy the benefits of automatic gates.

Outward opening automatic gates are a great solution for very specific types of properties. There are four main reasons you may need an outward opening gate: if your driveway slopes upwards, if your property has an oddly shaped boundary, if your driveway curves inwards, or if you don’t have enough space inside your boundary.

1. An Upwards Sloping Driveway

An upward slope driveway can be a challenge for an inward opening automatic gate. Most gates will not open fully if the driveway slopes upwards on the property. If your driveway is only mildly sloped, you may be able to hang the gate higher on hinges to keep cars out, but this won’t necessarily keep pets or small children in. A better solution for an upward slope driveway might be to use a sliding gate which opens sideways along the boundary fence – assuming there is enough room.

2. An Oddly Shaped Boundary

Some properties have oddly shaped boundaries that can present challenges when installing a driveway gate. For example, if your property has a boundary fence that is angled inwards at 45 degrees from the front fence, an opening swing gate may hit the angled fence before opening fully. In this case, a sliding gate is usually the best solution.

3. A Curved Driveway

If your driveway curves inwards immediately inside the gate, the gate will probably be too close to the driveway and may prevent cars from passing. You may need to have the curve of your driveway altered so that there is more space for the gate, or consider an outward opening gate.

4. Lack of Space Inside Your Boundary

If you have a small driveway and your home or garage is close to the boundary, you may not have enough room to park a car inside and have a single or double swing gate safely close behind it. A bi-folding gate can be a good solution in this situation as it takes up less space than a swing gate.

Outward Opening Automatic Gate Considerations

Before you install an outward opening automatic gate, there are a few things to consider. First, check with your local council to make sure there are no specific rules about outward opening gates. Second, ensure the driveway itself is adequately wide, to allow cars to fit through without risk of scraping the sides of the car on the gate actuator arms. Finally, in order to prevent blocking foot traffic, make sure you have enough space in front of your property to accommodate the gate – it may need to open outwards a few metres from the boundary fence so it’s necessary to have sufficient space between where the gate would be fixed and the public footpath.

Local Council Rules

Before installing a gate, make sure you check your local council rules regarding property boundaries, and gates that will open on to public land. If a simple check regarding outward swinging automatic gates on your local council website reveals nothing specific, a phone call or in-person visit may be necessary.

Sufficient Width for the Gate Equipment

The actuator is the device used to open and close the swing gate. It uses power to move a swing arm, which pulls or pushes the gate open as needed. The default position for an actuator and arm is on the inside of a gate, in order to prevent tampering or unauthorized access. However, if a gate opens outwards then there is a risk that these components may scrape passing vehicles entering or exiting the driveway. To avoid this problem, it’s necessary to have these components located on underside of the gate instead – provided there isn’t enough driveway width to accommodate the gate components when the gate is open plus the width of the car, being sure to add 15cm or 6″either side to account for the car side mirrors.

No Impeding of Foot Traffic

Outward swinging gates can be dangerous for pedestrians if there is not enough room at the boundary for the gate to open outwards without causing damage or harm. It’s important to consider what will happen if the gate opens outward while pedestrians are crossing your driveway before making a decision about whether an outward swinging gate is right for you. One solution here is to set the gate back from the front perimeter by bringing the fence a few meters where it hits the driveway so that when it opens, it hardly encroaches on the public footpath.

Rapid Automatic Custom Solutions

Rapid Automatic Gates can provide a customised automated gate solution for your home to enhance security and convenience. We work with you to design a system that is tailored specifically for your needs, integrating with existing or future automation and security systems where possible. Our gates are reliable and easy to use, providing you with peace of mind in knowing that your property is secure.

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