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Must Read Safety Guidelines for Workplace Electric Gates

Automatic gates play a vital role in safeguarding your employees from potential hazards. However, if these gates are not properly inspected or maintained, the risk of serious or even fatal injuries increases significantly. SafeWork NSW takes a zero-tolerance approach to lives being placed at risk. Read on to learn how you can protect your employees and workplace visitors.

Safety Alert: Electric Sliding Gates

What can you do to ensure the safety of your employees and site visitors ?

1. Installation by a Suitably Competent Person

The installation of electric gates must be undertaken by a suitably competent person. When installing or replacing a gate, it is crucial to establish and adhere to a secure work procedure that all workers follow to prevent the gate from collapsing.

2. Regular Inspection of All Gate Components

Perform routine examinations of the gate components. Engage a qualified individual to assess the gate leaf, stoppers, posts, rails, guides, and tracks. If any components are found to be damaged and impacting the gate's functionality, promptly take the gate out of operation and take the steps to repair or replace the affected parts as soon as possible.

3. Regular Maintenance

Consistent upkeep of gate components, with special attention to the drive mechanism, is essential. If the drive mechanism stops operating, disconnect it only when it is safe to do so, and solely for the purpose of securing the gate. Before disconnecting the drive mechanism, ensure the gate is properly supported within its track, anchored by the posts and guides. Secure the gate in either an open or closed position, and engage a qualified individual to carry out the necessary repairs.

4. Clear Signage

Post a noticeable sign informing others that the gate is not in operation. Avoid manual operation of the gate. If manual operation is unavoidable, conduct a thorough risk assessment, establish a safe work system, and ensure that operators are aware of potential hazards and have received proper training of how to safely open the gate.

Ensure routine inspections and maintenance for your electric gates to mitigate the risk of fatalities or severe injuries to individuals at your workplace. Be gate safe.

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