Automatic & Electric Gates

Automatic gates are a perfect solution for allowing known entrants hassle-free access while maintaining a high level of security. Various aesthetic designs can be accommodated so that your security is in keeping with the design of your property.

Electric gates operate by RFID, remote control, mobile phone, keypad entry and more. You choose the operation method that best suits your security plan.

The choices we offer will be based on the amount of opening space available, landscape, opening size, and how often the gate will be operated.

All of the gate designs can be manufactured to suit the recommended system. Once the gate style and system have been selected, our team of experts will configure it with the best most well-suited gate motors and controls.

Rapid Automatic Access offers free on-site consultation and can conduct an on-site assessment to determine and offer the best solution. One of our expert technicians will meet you at your site to assess your needs, your property, and to make recommendations and suggestions. We will then see the project through installation and always be on hand for maintenance and repairs.

Rapid Automatic Access stands behind its work and offers a lifetime guarantee. All of our parts and equipment are backed by a two-year warranty. We pride ourselves on quality equipment, parts, and craftsmanship.

Contact Rapid Automatic Access today with your questions about automatic gates or to schedule your free on-site consultation and assessment in Sydney and New South Wales region. We’re ready to help you find the best solution for your home or business.

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Automatic Gate Types

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Single Swing Gate

  • Opens like a door, either forwards or backwards, or both.
  • Work well in situations where space is limited in width but not length and the drive space is mostly flat
  • Can be engineered with a hydraulic lift so that the gate swings open, lifting for clearance.

Double Swing Gate

  • Double swing gates open like double doors.
  • Appropriate when space is very limited both in width and length.
  • Very visually appealing, used for residential homes and other places where beauty is paramount
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feature image

Telescopic Slide Gate

  • Good choice when gate openings need to be highly customised because of unique space limitations.
  • Telescopic action and operation will be configured based on the needs of the space.

Track Slide Gate

  • Requires available space on at least one side of the drive must be equal in width to the drive.
  • Slides completely out of the way when opened via wheels on a track.
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feature image

Cantilever Slide Gate

  • For environments with weather and debris that can interfere with the wheel and track system.

Bi-Fold Swing Gate

  • Opens in the same way a louvered door does.
  • Folds in on itself as it opens.
  • Perfect in situations where space is very limited.
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To learn more about our wide range of automatic gate options to include in your vehicle access control plan, contact Rapid Automatic Access today and schedule your free quote and consultation!

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