Vehicle Access Control Solutions

Vehicle access control is a good first and final defence in the security of your property.

Whether you need high-security control or unmanned automatic gates or custom configurations, Rapid Access Control can build the right vehicle access control system for you. Our selection includes a wide range of gates to suit every situation.

We offer free on-site consultations and assessments. One of our expert technicians will meet you at your site to assess your needs, your property, and to make recommendations and suggestions. We will then see the project through installation and always be on hand for maintenance and repairs.

We secure you with our performance, expertise, and innovative, reliable solutions to make your life easier and secure.

Rapid Automatic Access stands behind its work and offers a lifetime guarantee. All of our parts and equipment are backed by a two-year warranty. We pride ourselves on quality equipment, parts, and craftsmanship. We are also committed to installing openers and motors according to safety standards and making sure you understand maintenance requirements for the safety of visitors to your site.

Contact Rapid Automatic Access today with your questions about vehicle access control or to schedule your free consultation. We’re ready to help you find the best solution for your business or home.

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Automatic Gates

Automatic gates provide vehicle access control and high security for industrial, office, and residential applications.

They are available in several gates operating systems including single swing, double swing gates, bi-fold swing gates, track sliding gates, track sliding telescopic gates and cantilever gates.

Learn more about our automatic and electric gates.

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Boom Gates

Automatic boom gates are a common method of controlling vehicle access. They are used in preference to sliding or swing gates as they open much faster, allowing vehicles to access and exit the premises quickly whilst maintaining security.

We have many types of automatic boom gates available covering a variety of different features and varying duty cycles. With our wide range of products, we are able to offer a solution to any vehicle access problem.

Learn more about our boom gate solutions.

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Car Park Systems

Automated car park machines and systems help cars flow freely in and out of your car park while maintaining a high level of security and offering an alternate source of income for car park managers or owners. We supply and install different types of automatic pay stations, ticket machines, and ticket license plate recognition systems.

Learn more about our car park machines and management systems.

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Gate Automation

Rapid Automatic Access offers a massive range of gate automation solutions for existing or new gates. Gate automation makes your life easier, more efficient, and more secure.

Learn more about our gate automation solutions.

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High Speed Doors

Rapid Automatic Access offers a range of high speed PVC flexible doors suitable for any industrial or commercial premises. High speed rapid doors are an excellent way to manage your traffic while maintaining a controlled environment to save energy or keep up a level of sanitation.

The rapid doors come with many different safety and operational functions to cater to each individual site opening requirements. Ideal for commercial and industrial sites.

Learn more about our range of high speed doors.

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Security Bollards

Automatic security and traffic bollards are the ultimate way to maintain a high level of security and protection to prevent unauthorized vehicle entry while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing area. They are the perfect solution when you need to have fast and efficient traffic flow but want the option to keep someone in or out immediately.

Learn more about our security bollard range.

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Custom Solution

Rapid Automatic Access offers a fully customised solution for your site. There is no need to settle for a vehicle access gate that does not suit the size or style of your requirements for your property. Whether you need a custom gate built to size or an automatic gate or custom fence, we can help you.

Learn more about our custom vehicle access solutions.

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