Automatic Boom Gate Solutions

Are you looking for a solution to a high-traffic control problem? When you need security and the ability to control the entrance and exit to your facility or to control the speed at which your property is accessed, a boom gate is a smart choice.

Close-up of a boom gate cabinet and arm at the entry of a car park.

Automatic boom gates are a common method of controlling vehicle access. They are used in preference to sliding or swing gates as they open much faster, allowing vehicles to access the premises quickly while maintaining security.

There are many types of automatic boom gates, all with different features and varying duty cycles. With our wide range of products and custom options, we are able to offer a solution to any vehicle access problem.

Boom gates are typically a tough and rugged arm that raises and lowers to allow or oppose entry into a facility. Arm lengths range from 3-8 metres long, with extra heavy-duty boom gates available from 10-12 metres. They are fast, automatic, and can handle rapid repetition without generating heat or wearing down. They are an excellent choice for properties that experience a high-traffic load.

Rapid Automatic technician's vehicle parked beside a boom gate.Rapid Automatic technicians working on the installation of a boom gate, tiger spikes and traffic light.

Operation of a boom gate is usually achieved by a manned security station, keypads, or sensors. Boom gates can also be opened by remote control or through mobile applications. When your business or facility is expecting a large amount of approved traffic, these options make traffic flow easier.

Our team of trained experts can discuss how each type of operation works in concert with your security plan and will help you choose the best option. Rapid Automatic Access offers a large range of boom gates throughout Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, and Brisbane to suit every situation.

Rapid Automatic will assess the site and conduct a free consultation so we can provide the best solution to manage your vehicular traffic. We offer custom solutions where needed so that your security plan works within your organisation’s goals.

Boom gates are made to last throughout a lifetime of constant use. They are extremely hardy and the motor is rated to withstand constant use without heating.

Boom Gate Features

Ground induction loop.

Ground Induction Loop

In-ground induction loop is a critical component in the safety and functionality of a boom gate system. It enables accurate vehicle detection, enhances access control, and ensures the safety of vehicles and pedestrians in the vicinity.

Ultrasonic and photoelectric beam safety.

Ultrasonic & PE Beam Safety

Safety ultrasonic and photoelectric sensors are a great option in situations where inground loops can’t be installed combined with a photoelectric sensor to maximise the safety of the boom gate system.

Ticket system and wireless intercom.

Ticket System & Wireless Intercom

Car park payment and ticket system with integrated boom gate controls and wireless GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) intercom systems to manage your carpark remotely from your mobile phone.

Boom gate catch post.

Boom Gate Catch Post

The catch post provides structural support for larger boom gate poles, prevents overruns and continuities to the overall safety and longevity of the boom gate system. It also aligns the boom gate pole during operation, ensuring smooth and reliable functionality.

Security ground spikes.

Security Ground Spikes

Boom gate ground spikes, also known as road spikes or tire shredders, bolster boom gate security by preventing unauthorised vehicles from breaching secure perimeters. Installed on roadways before boom gates, they effectively control access to specific areas.

Integrated traffic light system.

Integrated Traffic Light System

Traffic lights are often integrated with boom gates to manage the flow of vehicles in and out of a specific area. This programmable logic controller (PLC) integration enhances safety, controls traffic, and ensures efficient operation.

How to Choose the Perfect Boom Gate for Your Space

In a world where security is paramount, and seamless traffic management is essential, the choice of a boom gate is not merely a functional decision—it's an investment in the safety and efficiency of your premises.

To ensure you make the right choice, consider the following factors:

  • Security Requirements
    Identify the level of security needed for your premises. Consider access control features, such as card readers, biometric systems, or keypad entry, licence plate recognition, based on the security requirements of your facility.
  • Traffic Volume and Flow
    Analyse the volume and flow of traffic in your space. Commercial/industrial boom gates are engineered to handle heavy traffic efficiently, while mid-range options strike a balance for moderate usage. Tailor your choice to the unique demands of your environment.
  • Boom Arm Length and Design
    Select the appropriate boom arm length based on the width of the entrance or exit. Additionally, consider the design of the boom arm (straight, articulated, or folding) based on space constraints and aesthetics.
  • Durability for the Long Haul
    Invest in a gate with heavy-duty construction, built to withstand the test of time and the demands of constant use. Consider the materials used, such as reinforced steel or aluminium, to ensure durability and longevity.
  • Integration Capabilities
    Opt for a boom gate that seamlessly integrates with your existing security and automation systems. This not only enhances overall functionality but also ensures a cohesive and streamlined security infrastructure.
  • Customisation for Unique Needs
    Every space has its unique requirements. Look for customization options that allow you to tailor the appearance, features, and control mechanisms to match the specific needs of your facility.
  • Weather Resilience
    Choose a gate that can withstand the elements. Weather-resistant boom gates ensure reliable operation in diverse conditions, from scorching heat to heavy rain, providing consistent performance year-round.
  • Maintenance Requirements
    Consider the maintenance needs of the boom gate. Some models may have built-in diagnostics and maintenance alerts to help identify and address issues promptly.
  • Budget Considerations
    Establish a budget for the purchase and installation of the boom gate. Factor in not only the initial cost but also ongoing maintenance expenses.
A Rapid Automatic technician's vehicle parked beside a boom gate.

Automatic Boom Gate Safety

Boom gates are essential components in access control systems, and incorporating safety features is critical to prevent accidents, ensure user safety, and protect the equipment.

Here's a list of safety features to consider:

  • Photocell Sensors
    Photocell sensors use infrared beams to detect obstacles or vehicles in the path of the closing boom gate. If an obstruction is detected, the gate stops closing and may reverse to prevent collisions.
  • Loop Detection Systems
    Inductive loop detectors embedded in the ground can sense the presence of vehicles. These detectors ensure that the boom gate does not close on a vehicle still in the pathway.
  • Safety Edges
    Safety edges are sensitive strips along the bottom edge of the boom arm. When the edge comes into contact with an object or person, it triggers the gate to stop and reverse, preventing injury or damage.
  • Battery Backup
    Battery backup systems ensure that the boom gate remains operational during power outages. This prevents situations where the gate could become stuck in Closed position, obstructing traffic.
  • Manual Release Mechanism
    A manual release mechanism allows the boom gate to be manually operated in the event of a power failure or system malfunction.
  • Warning Lights
    Warning lights, such as LED signal lights or flashing beacons, provide visual indicators to pedestrians and drivers that the boom gate is in operation or about to close.
  • Adjustable Closing and Opening Speeds
    Adjustable speed settings for opening and closing the boom gate allow for controlled and safe movement, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Reflective Stripes
    Reflective stripes on the boom arm increase visibility, especially during low-light conditions, ensuring that drivers can see the gate clearly.
  • Anti-Crushing Safety
    Some boom gates feature anti-crushing safety mechanisms that detect resistance during the closing cycle, prompting the gate to stop and reverse to prevent injuries or damage.
  • Wind Resistance
    Boom gates designed with wind-resistant features can automatically adjust their operation in windy conditions to prevent damage and ensure safe functioning.

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Automatic Boom Gate Configurations

A graphic of automated boom gate configurations.

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Boom Gate Photo Gallery

Rapid Maxima with Payment System

  • High-traffic volume boom gate for a hotel car park
  • Token and payment system
  • Standard safe feature photo beams and induction loops
High-traffic volume boom gate with a token and payment system for a hotel car park.High-traffic volume boom gate with a token and payment system for a hotel car park.

Rapid Sector

  • Safety yellow sector boom gates medium traffic volume
  • Wireless GSM intercom to control the boom gate
  • Standard safe feature photo beams and induction loops
Close-up of a sector boom gate arm at the entry of a car park.Close-up of a sector boom gate arm at the entry of a car park.

Rapid Sector with Tiger Spikes

  • High-security Airport car park
  • Integrated traffic management system
  • Standard safe feature photo beams and induction loops
High-security airport car park with a boom gate and tiger spikes.

Rapid GT8 High-Volume with Traffic Management System

  • High-volume school car park
  • Integrated traffic management system
  • Standard safe feature photo beams and induction loops
Close-up of a high-volume boom gate at the entry of a car park.

Rapid GT4 with Ultrasonic Sensor Controls

  • High-traffic-volume boom gate for retirement village
  • Ultrasonic safe and controls to avoid cutting driveway
Rapid Automatic technician's vehicle parked in front of a double adjoining boom gates at the entry/exit of a retirement village.A Rapid Automatic technician's vehicle parked behind double adjoining boom gates at the joint entry/exit of a retirement village.

Rapid Maxima with Integrated Payment System

  • Full integrated payment ticket system
  • Wireless intercoms
  • Cashless payment on exit
A Rapid Maxima boom gate with integrated payment system at the entry of a large car park.Close-up of a boom gate arm and wireless intercom and payment system.

Rapid Maxima

  • High-traffic volume boom gate for a staff car park
  • Integrated with existing access control
  • Standard safe feature photo beams and induction loops
Closed Rapid Maxima boom gate at the entry of a staff car park.Close-up of a boom gate arm and support post.
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