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11 Advantages of Electric Gates Over Manual Gates

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Electric gates offer an array of benefits for residential and commercial properties. We’ll look at each of the advantages automatic gates bring to the table, with residential homes and busineses in particular, and compare them to those offered by manual gates, ultimately coming to a conclusion about which one provides the greatest value to your daily home or business life.

1. Secure Gated Entry

Coming from the automatic gates side, there is absolutely no room for forgetting to lock them up at night. Being electronic, you can either program them to have an automatic lock or set a remote that allows a digital lock to be enabled reached – providing security that is unmatched.

2. Convenience

Coming in at a close second after security concerns, would be the convenience that automated gates provide. They allow your property to be accessed with ease, are not a hassle in the slightest and, in fact, are the exact opposite. They are easy and convenient to use and don’t add anything to your day mentally or physically, saving you effort in both these areas.

3. Time-Saving Technology

Automated gates are often faster than manual ones since there’s no need to physically open or close them – it all happens with a push of a button (or even automatically if you have the right equipment). Not only does this save time for yourself, but also anyone else trying to enter or exit the premises.

4. Monitoring & Surveillance Capabilities

By far one of the most beneficial aspects of electronic gates is their ability to integrate CCTV surveillance cameras into their design so visitors can be seen and monitored at all times – providing an extra layer of safety and security that could potentially save lives.

5. Safety Features Such As Soft Stop & Reversing Mechanism

Most would agree, no risk of getting crushed is a huge advantage. With safety features such as soft stops and reversing mechanisms, electric gates are much safer than their manual counterparts (heavy manual gates pose a real crush threat) – giving you extra peace of mind every time they close behind you.

6. Lower Insurance Costs & Tax Deductions

While gated entrances will cost you upfront to install, they ultimately save you money due to the fact that your furniture, home and business will be safer, which ultimately results in lower insurance premium rates. Also, tax deductions can be claimed if the gate is a business expense.

7. Enhanced Aesthetics

You should look for a gate that will match your property from an aesthetical standpoint, so that it does not necessarily detract from the house. You may be looking for a privacy fence, or an ornate and decorative one that matches your home. Automatic gates come in various different materials, styles, and designs and can be tailored to suit your specifications.

8. Personalisation

While we are certainly not saying that manual gates tailored to your property don’t look good, automatic gates can translate into a variety of material forms, from timber, to steel, to vinyl and more. Both can look equally amazing, though only electric gates have the additional personalisation of digital features such as timing and proximity triggering.

9. Access Control

Automatic gates have the added advantage of assisting you in controlling who has access to your residence. You and people you invite can have access to your property with an automatic gate. You can grant or revoke access as you please, and this is a function that manual gates cannot provide.

10. Increase Property Value

While it might not be the biggest differentiating factor, automatic gates will add value to your property. If you ever plan on selling, knowing an electric gate can contribute to a certain wow effect in a prospectiver buyer and adds notable value to a property is certainly something important to keep in mind when considering your options.

11. Improved Safety for Children and Pets

This benefit goes without saying – an automated gate that requires a code entry or some other form of authentication will make it much harder for strangers to enter your premises. This improved safety also extends to pets, who cannot accidentally wander off if they are contained within a gated area.

Overall, automated gates offer many benefits over manual gates. They offer a higher level of security for your home or business, are more convenient to use and are able to be tailored to suit your individual property. If you are looking for a way to improve the security and value of your home or business, an automated gate is the way to go!

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