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Are Automatic Gates Safe & Secure?

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By Team Rapid

It seems like every large home or business has one these days, and it’s not just because they are convenient. Automatic gates are one of the safest, most effective ways to protect your home or business. It’s common knowledge to expect a reduction in crime on premises with recently installed automatic gates. So there has to be a downside, right?

Well, they usually require some sort of electricity to open and close them temporarily unless you can wire up your property with the correct wiring at the door. And that may not be an option. In fact, most automatic gates are battery operated or run on solar power. Both of which can become costly to maintain and need replacement every once in a while. They can also be subject to power outages just like a regular gate would if it were powered by electricity. And even with solar power, you’ll have to make sure there is enough sun exposure at the right angles so that they can stay charged up for long periods of time.

And what about the physical security of the gate? A lot of people have noticed that it’s not that hard to climb up the gates, and some have even fallen through. But there’s always a logical explanation for it. For example, if you have a gate that is 30 metres long, thieves can easily scale it by simply pulling down on one end and manoeuvering themselves through. They can also break through if you have a defective lock. If they try to force the gate open, it may start swinging back and forth or even lifting up off the ground. But if you have an automatic gate with a deadbolt, twisting it will only make it harder to get into the property from the outside.

Brute force entry attempts can’t be ruled out entirely but it becomes a difficult task if you have an automatic gate installed. Many of the newer models are equipped with alarms that will go off if they are tampered with. They are also harder to get to, not only because you need to get past the gate but also in order to get around the locking mechanism. And if they are made of strong materials, it will be extremely difficult for a thief.

Another type of automatic gate is one that can be controlled via remote control. These gates are convenient to have around the perimeter so that you don’t have to open and close it manually even after you get home. But you still need to remember to keep the remote charged up and have it with you at all times. And you will have to make sure that the gate is close before leaving the premises. And it needs power or working batteries in order for it to work. It also can’t be easily tampered with, unless the remote is within the thief’s reach. And if you have an older model automatic gate that uses a mechanical system, it may not be as secure and sometimes are not as strong because they were made cheaper.

Sure, automatic gates are strong and sturdy, but how much force can they really withstand? It all depends on the type of materials they are made out of. For example, if you have a steel gate instead of a gate that is made out of wood or plastic, it can stand up to much more force than one that is made out of metal.

Depending on the build quality, weight, and thickness of the materials of your automatic gate, technically, it may be possible for an intruder to brute force the gate open, and gain access to your property. But it’s not very likely this would actually happen. Most attempts at removing an automatic gate are either done by cutting through the lock or trying to completely pull it off its hinges.

Installing a gate with high quality hinges will also greatly reduce the likelihood of a manual intrusion attempt being successful. This is a great benefit for swinging automatic gates, as it means a potential intruder will not be able to separate the hinges from the fixture in order to gain access.

Fortunately, by installing an electric lock – or better yet, a magnetic lock – on to your automatic gate, this can add an extra layer of security, and make it much harder for a potential intruder to brute force the gate open. And if you have an electronic lock, then it will still be powered via battery, in case the electric power in your area might be out.

Another excellent way to keep your home and business safe is to invest in an automatic sliding gate. They are not heavy enough for someone to hoist it up with brute force alone. Especially considering that the gate is placed on a strong track which has a lot of friction. If you have an automatic sliding gate, you will likely notice that they are much more difficult to try to open by hand when they are locked.

These gates are effective, because, the only way a brute force attempt would be successful, is if the potential intruder was able to separate the sliding gate from the track in which the gate is placed on. But this is much more difficult to do, and would not pose a problem for anyone attempting to get into your home or business.

But what about more insidious types of thieves? There could always be someone waiting in the trees or behind an old shed to spot and then follow any car or truck coming up your driveway that has a sliding rear door. They will try to get in the back door and steal valuables. This is also a problem that will occur with regular gates, but the doors of automatic gates are typically harder to break into. One other thing you can do to make it harder for these thieves is have a camera installed so that you’re always aware when something suspicious is going on.

What’s the upside to automatic gates? Well, they can be easily set up and taken down. They’re also relatively inexpensive, even when compared to a traditional gate. For larger budgets, electric gates can come equipped with extra security features, such as cameras, intercom systems and more. Some of these features can even work with your smartphone if you install the appropriate app on it.

Are automatic gates all that secure? The short answer is a resounding yes.

So, if you want to have automatic gates installed at your home or business, there shouldn’t be any reason not to. As a matter of fact, it’s fairly easy to buy or have them installed by a professional. And the benefits you’ll experience from having an automatic gate system installed far outweigh the minor disadvantages.

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